Weapons to Consider for Survival


In order to survive, you may need to have weapons available that you know how to use. They can help you to survive an attack by animals or by other humans. They can also help you with hunting for food or with protecting your supplies from those that didn’t prepare and now they are desperate to take what they can from others.

Here are some types of weapons that you should consider. Make sure you know how they work and that you have plenty of options. Don’t rely on just one type of weapon. Should it get confiscated, not work properly, or it proves to be inefficient for the type of disaster, you need a good back up plan.


There are quite a few types of guns that you can consider to have on hand. You may have shotguns or rifles around that you use for hunting or for sporting clay events. Perhaps you have a small pistol that you use for personal protection. Any of these types of guns can help you to be safer.

However, not all guns are designed well for hunting when you need food. For example, a shotgun that may use bullets for sporting clays would destroy most small animals that you could be hunting. You would need to have guns that take small ammo so that you could hunt with them successfully.


Of course guns are only going to be a powerful resource in your weaponry line up if you have enough ammunition for them. Many people are struggling right now to find 22 shells and other types of ammunition. As a result, you may want to pick up what you can, when you can to have enough on hand.
Another option is to reload your own. You can buy the primers, powder, and wads to use. There is a reloading machine that you will need to purchase and you will use the hulls from shells you already used previously. Remember, you aren’t going to be able to just walk into a store and buy more when you run out of bullets so reloading can offer you a sound option.

Reloading isn’t difficult, and you can find step by step instructions both online and in books. It does take some practice but you will find it is a great way to save money and to have the ammunition you need both now and should there ever be a need for you to use them in order to survive an end of the world scenario.

Bow & Arrow

With a bow and arrow, you can hunt for food. You can also do bodily harm to animals or humans that could be a threat to you. With a bow and arrow, you will need to have a scope and a few other accessories to ensure your aim is on target. You also want plenty of arrows because you may not be able to find those that you overshoot or that end up in the body of another living creature.

There are plenty of styles and sizes of bow and arrows out there. Many of them have adjustable arm lengths and tensions. This means that more than one member of your family would be able to use it successfully. Get one now and practice with it. There are plenty of ranges and targets out there that will help you to hone your skills with such a weapon.


There are so many types of knives including design and sizes of them. These can be great weapons as they can fit into your pocket or around your belt. If you need the element of surprise on someone, they may think you aren’t armed so that knife can be very handy.

Knives can also help with cutting ropes, carving, and creating sharp sticks or shanks that you can use for additional weapons. Knives can be used for skinning animals that you kill and cutting up meat so that you are able to prepare meals. In the event you lose your can opener or it no longer works, you can use a knife to open up canned goods as well as other packaged supplies.


Creating your own explosives can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. This should only be done after carefully exploring options and making sure you have the right products on hand. Explosives can help you to clear an area, to get away from danger, and many other types of scenarios.

They can even be used to open up doors to get into a store or other locked vicinity should you need additional supplies and all laws have gone out the window due to the situation that has unfolded. Make sure you create the explosives in such a way that they won’t go off until you want them to. For example, those that have a timer or that you pull a pin in order for them to become activated.


Various types of chemicals can also be used as weapons, but you need to make sure you don’t get them on your skin. You also want to avoid breathing them in. It can be dangerous to work with chemicals if you don’t know what they are able to do. You also never want to mix any types of chemicals together as that can create a very dangerous reaction.

When you know how to use chemicals correctly though they can serve as a significant weapon for you that others don’t have the right knowledge about. There is plenty of information out there that you can read about that will help you to prepare for storing and using these types of chemicals as weapons.

Snares and Traps

With the use of snares and traps, you will be able to get food. You will also be able to keep people away. Without electricity, you can’t rely on a home security system. You can’t stay up all night either but you can put traps out there that will catch someone if they try to get close to your shelter.

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