Shelter on the Go to Survive

maxresdefaultPreviously, we touched upon the fact that you may not be able to stay in your home. You may need to leave it behind in order to be safe. Shelter on the go is going to be important. It will provide you some safety from the elements and from wild animals. There are quite a few options you have to consider. They include:

Pup Tents

When you travel by foot, you need to keep it as light as you can. Pup tents set up in a matter of minutes and they don’t take up much room in your backpack. You can put them up when you stop for resting. They are easy to take down so you can keep moving the next day again.
If you have a vehicle, you can use larger sized tents. You may even have items such as cots and sleeping bags with you. It all comes down to how much room you have and the essentials you are able to take along with you.

Large Sized Vehicles

If you have a large sized vehicle, you can convert part of it into a place for shelter. You can put a makeshift bed and other materials in there. This means you can drive until you are tired and then you can rest without having to worry about finding a place to sleep for the night.

Emergency Shelter Centers

With your radios, you should be able to hear information about where emergency shelter centers are set up. Getting to one of those destinations such as a football field or other large area may be simple or it may prove to be difficult. It all depends on where you are and what type of disaster has occurred.
In some scenarios, you want to remain on your own and not go to an emergency shelter where they would keep tabs on you. If you have your own supplies then you would be able to survive on your own and not be subjected to such control and outcome.

Lean To

If you don’t have a tent, you may find yourself in the wilderness with just a few essentials you can use for shelter. A lean to can be created out of trees, sticks, and other debris. It offer shelter that has only three sides with a large entrance. Make sure you build it in a direction that keeps you safe from the elements.


If you happen to come upon a cave or dwelling, you may be able to use it as shelter. You do want to make sure it isn’t home to some type of wild creature though that is going to become aggressive if you are in their territory.


One of the really simple places for shelter as you are walking is in a ditch. Just make sure it isn’t one that would have water running through it. A ditch offers you a lower place from the leveling of the land. This can protect you from the wind and other elements.
Being in a ditch can also help you to remain well hidden from other people who may be traveling. You aren’t going to know who you can trust so you don’t want to be caught off guard as you try to get some sleep.


A wagon can offer you shelter, and if you are relying on horses for transportation it is a great combination. If you don’t have a cover for it, consider making one out of tarps or other materials. This will help protect from the elements including the wind and the cold when you are sleeping.

Rest Areas

There are plenty of rest areas all over the place, even in small towns and they can offer shelter. They can offer an indoor location that you could use for shelter. This may not be the most comfortable though due to them featuring concrete flooring.

Fallout Shelter

There are still fallout shelters that were built in the 80s due to the threat of nuclear war. They can be a great choice for shelter to get away from chemicals in the air, when the circumstances are unknown, or when there is an epidemic virus going around. If your home doesn’t have a fallout shelter, perhaps you know people that do have one. We will talk in a future chapter about creating your alliances.


A school may be a location where you can find some shelter close to you. This can also be a place where you are able to replenish some of your supplies. Schools are large and you can find plenty of places to rest. This includes a classroom where you can lock the door and make it secure for you and your family.

The gym is an option too, but very large and very open. In a smaller area you may feel more in control and not be worried about others showing up. The school cafeteria may have some very large sized cans of food that can feed people too. Rely on those supplies before you use any of your own personal supply.


A local hospital can also be a wonderful place for shelter. There are beds, couches, and waiting areas where you can relax. If you are in need of medical supplies then you can replenish them while you are there too. A hospital is going to have vending machines and a cafeteria where you can find food supplies you may need.

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