Being Physically Prepared for Survival

Preparing-For-The-HuntYou aren’t going to fare well out there trying to survive if you aren’t physically prepared for it. Only in the movies do the characters look amazing after days of walking or spending the last few hours running from the enemy! In reality, you are going to be tired, thirsty, and completely out of energy due to the exhaustion of all of it.

You should always strive for your body to be in good physical condition. Not only in preparation for the end of the world, but so that you have the highest overall quality of life possible.

Schedule a checkup with your doctor if you aren’t at your best and make a plan of action to make improvements! It will help you to thrive and should you need to focus on survival, you will be happy your body is going to contribute all you need.

Break Dangerous Habits

If you take part in smoking, drinking alcohol frequently, or using illegal drugs, you need to do all you can to break those dangerous habits. They aren’t good for your physical or mental well-being. They can zap you of energy, reduce your cardio function, and increase the risk of serious health problems including cancer and liver damage.

Eat Well Balanced Meals

Your body gets vitamins, nutrients, and creates energy from what you eat. When you consume well balanced meals, your body won’t be storing up fat. You will have energy without feeling sluggish.

Don’t skip meals and make sure they aren’t full of processed items or high in sugar. A low fat diet with whole grains and good carbs is encouraged. Pay attention to your portions of food too. Only consume junk food in moderation.

Daily Exercise

No matter how busy you may be, engage in 30 minutes or more of daily exercise. This helps to keep your bones and muscles strong. It also helps your body to have endurance. When you are talking about survival, you need to know your body will be able to handle the challenges. Find sources of exercise you enjoy too so that you won’t make excuses not do take part in it.

Healthy Weight

The combination of eating well and daily exercise shouldn’t be a short term effect for weight loss. Instead, they should be overall lifestyle habits that help you to get to and maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight is going to hinder your ability to move quickly, to feel full with reasonable food portions, and it is going to reduce overall body circulation of blood and oxygen.

Core Training

Challenge yourself to get a stronger core for your body. This can be accomplished through various types of workout plans. Yoga is one of the most common because it is low impact. It is a great way to get the core of the body strong and that means overall your body will be better equipped for physical activities.

Weight Training

Many people assume that by using weights they will bulk up but that isn’t the case. Instead, weight training is going to help you burn fat and to replace it with lean muscle mass. This is going to help you become stronger.

It is going to take a great deal of weight training at heavy weights for you to bulk up so that is only going to happen if you have a strict plan and strategy in place created for such a goal.

Manage Health Concerns

Don’t allow your health problems to get out of control. Prevention is the best way to life a great life. For example, take efforts to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. If you have a family history of diabetes or cancer, work with your doctor to do all you can to prevent such developments. Regular checkups are essential, don’t wait until you don’t feel well to see a doctor.

If you do have a type of health problem, do what you can to manage it. Otherwise, it can continue to spiral out of control. For example, when a person is diagnosed with diabetes it can be controlled and they can have a great life in spite of it.

However, if they don’t follow the orders of the doctor, it can get worse and create a downward spiral of additional health problems for the individual.

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