Mentally Prepared for Survival

survive-being-mentally-preparedYour mind has to be prepared just like your body in order for you to do well out there in such a scenario. You can’t thrive if you can’t focus on what has taken place. You can’t dwell in the past about what you had, what you lost, or even what you forgot to get ready if you weren’t fully prepared for such a scenario to play out.

Your mind has to be strong and it has to be focused. Being alert in spite of your body feeling fatigue and pushed to its limits is important. Being able to focus on the future and new goals gives you something to reach for even when you feel like it may be impossible to keep going forward.


Reducing stress is a big part of getting the mind ready. You can’t allow stress or anxiety to get the best of you. Of course this is easier said than done when you are seeing mass destruction all around you. Being able to desensitize yourself to what has occurred though needs to take place so that your focus can be on getting through it.

Right and Wrong

The morals, ethics, and even religious beliefs that you used to hold in terms of right and wrong have to be put aside. This doesn’t mean you become cold and bitter or robotic. It just means that instead of certain things being black and white there are now many shades of gray.

For example, you would never think of robbing a store or stealing items from a pharmacy today right? However, if there was a major crisis, would you be willing to take water and other supplies from a store for you and your family to survive on?

Would you be able to break into a safe environment so that everyone had shelter? Could you break into a pharmacy in order to get the medication your daughter needed to take daily before her supply ran out?

Most of us would be able to mentally prepare for doing those types of things in order to do what it took to get through a difficult crisis type of situation. It is very different in terms of right and wrong when it comes down to being able to survive or not.


Taking on a leadership role can be tough and it does put additional weight on your shoulders. Yet being able to make decisions that your family will follow is crucial. They are looking up to you to help them get through all of this. If they see you are worried, scared, or confused, it is only going to create more stress for them.

Showing strong leadership skills by giving direct orders, making quick decisions, and having several backup plans in the event that you run into any problems with the initial plan of action that you had in place.

Positive Mindset

When you have a positive mindset, you will be looking for solutions at every turn. You won’t let what is a challenge stop you from moving forward with your survival plans. That is often what makes the difference between those that give it their all and those that give up.

A positive mindset also is intriguing to others that are suffering to see the positive elements. They will need your leadership and guidance more than they have before as they are weak in how they see things. You can offer a shining example to them that will help to modify their own thought process and behaviors with time.


Thinking outside of the box is going to be a great skill for the mind to take part in. Getting creative is what you need to do as a common solution may not work for a given scenario. You need to do all you can to twist and turn the gears in your mind to get results.

Being creative though isn’t always easy when you are in unknown territory with so many variables to think about. You may have a limited amount of time to come up with a viable solution too.


There will be times when you need to show compassion towards others who are struggling with survival. They may need someone to help them be strong, someone to help them get their mind straight, or even someone to help direct them to take part in something positive so that they stop looking at all of the negative.

Even in the most difficult of times, being able to show compassion is a mindset you want to have. This doesn’t mean you trust everyone that you come into contact with. However, it does mean you give people an opportunity as most will be trying to survive as well, not take advantage of your position.

Basic Needs

You will find that your mental well-being is easier to accomplish when your basic needs are met. These include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Being completely prepared with enough supplies and a place to go will ensure that foundation is in place. With those needs met, you will find that it is easier for you to focus on other things going on at that point in time.

Survivors Guilt

The mind can also result in you having survivor’s guilt from time to time. This is the feelings of regret and sadness that you were able to survive to that point but others you know didn’t. Guilt can also take over if you feel that you should have done more to help someone.

While such feelings are normal, they can be difficult to control on your own. In today’s society, seeking help from a professional counselor would be recommended. Yet in a survival type of circumstance that wouldn’t be readily available. You will have to be mentally strong to continue on through it in spite of such feelings.

No one said it would be easy, and you may discover that the mental side of survival is harder for you to accomplish than the physical side of it. That doesn’t make you weak minded at all, it just means you care and that you are used to rules and processes a certain way and engaging in particular behaviors.

The truth is that none of us really know how we would react in a given situation until it is right in front of us. We can role play about it all day long but that a far cry from being able to initiate it in a real life or death situation.

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