Being Alert and Ready on a Daily Basis


Being ready for anything to occur every day is important. This doesn’t mean you let the risk of an unknown world out there consume your thoughts and take away your happiness. When you are alert to your surroundings, you can take action based on what you hear.

Many people never had this mindset until after 09/11/01. That day, they saw what could occur on the soil of the United States and they weren’t sure if it was going to be all out war or not. They were worried they didn’t know where their family was, they didn’t have a plan of action, and they didn’t have supplies. They have changed what they think and they are ready for all of it now.

Listen to the News

Many people have stopped listening to the news because it is so negative all the time. They don’t want to hear all of the bad things that are going on around the world. Yet the news is going to be a huge resource when it comes to knowing what is taking place around you. When something major is developing, the news will report it quickly. You can’t always rely on social media due to the volume of hoaxes out there.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Meteorologists are able to predict weather patterns, but they aren’t always 100% accurate. If they report there is an impending storm and you need to take shelter, do so. Keep your eye on the sky too and pay attention for drastic changes in temperature as well as wind direction. They can all indicate something is about to happen.

Keep your Cell Phone Charged

Get a wall and car charger for your cell phone and keep the bars at full capacity all the time. Don’t allow it to get down to one bar before you charge it. Should there be any type of emergency you may not get the chance to charge it and then you are at risk of the battery dying quickly.

Keep a List of Phone Numbers

All of the cell phone circuits may be jammed or busy and you may have to use a landline phone. Many of us don’t know phone numbers for contacts as they are in our cell phone by name. Keep a written list of phone numbers that you can reference if you need them.

Have Cash in your Wallet

Always have some cash in your wallet for emergency purposes. There is no guarantee you would be able to get to an ATM or a bank for cash if you needed to in a hurry. While you should have money stashed at home, you may need to have some to spend to get there so always have at least $50 in your wallet.

Keep at Least 1⁄2 Tank of Gas

Gas for vehicles isn’t cheap, and it can be a hassle to wait in line at the pumps. However, you want to always have at least 1⁄2 tank in your vehicle. Ideally, you should top it off at that point. You want to make sure you have gas to get to a safe location if you need to do so immediately.

Know Where your Family is

These days it seems that family members are all going different directions. Some may be at work while others are at school. There are after school activities, sports, exercise, and errands to run. Always know what is on the agenda for your family members. Make it a point of checking in with each other if those plans change.

Know Alternative Routes

You may take the highway or the freeway to get to and from work. However, during an emergency, those routes can be jam packed with too many cars. The roads could be blocked due to damages too. Make sure you know alternative routes that can get you where you need to go. It is a good idea to have a GPS in your vehicle so that you can type in the address of your destination from any location and get directions.

Keep Medications Filled

Don’t wait until you run out of medications that you take daily. Keep them filled with enough for a couple weeks at least. Call the doctor well in advance of what you need a refill and then go pick it up. That way you will have the pills should there be any type of emergency.


Always know what is in your inventory of items that you have stored. Write down those items, the number of them, and the location. Write down expiration dates too for items that could need to be replaced at intervals. You don’t want to need those items at some point and find your batteries or your food are old and outdated so you can’t use them.


Take care of your body every single day by exercising. There are lots of excuses not to do it such as being tired, being busy, or not liking it. However, change that mindset around and focus on what you can gain from it including a better body, better cardio, and reduced stress.

Mental Strength

Strive to improve your communication and leadership skills so that you can do well in the face of an emergency event. With a high level of self- confidence, you can do what it takes to move forward rather than allowing the issue to get the best of you. Work on improving your behaviors so that you are challenging yourself to be positive, to be motivated, and to be creative.

Spiritual Self

What you belief on a spiritual level can be very different than the next period. However, you need to identify what you belief and be courageous with it. Too many people are afraid to voice it due to it being different from someone else. Embrace it so that if you were to be in a situation today where survival was at risk, you would feel comfort and peace in your choice.

Peace of Mind

Every day you should have peace of mind knowing that you have a plan of action in place that is reasonable and can be executed. You should give yourself a pat on the back for having those supplies in place and knowing what you can do to save yourself and your family in the face of a disastrous event.


We have all watched TV movies and seen video games that talk about end of the world possibilities. There is plenty that could happen including natural disasters, man created problems, issues from outer space that come to Earth in a hurry, and even technology going too far. We just don’t know what the future holds, so it is wise to be ready for anything.

Creating a solid plan of action with various exit points, types of transportation, shelter concepts, and skills for overall survival is very important. Thinking about the weapons you will need and the skills that can help you to use them successfully should also be part of that picture in your mind.

Without enough food and water, survival is going to be very difficult. You can’t assume that there will be rescue teams out there that come along to save the day. You have to be ready to care for your own needs as well as the needs of your family. You should be thinking about the possible alliances you would like to have too.

While it may be helpful to have a number of people you can all count on, there can also be inner conflicts that develop. You have to balance the pros and the cons before you decide what would be best for you to consider. You want to do all you can to ensure your survival is very possible.

Being both physically and mentally prepared for anything is also essential. When you don’t know what the risks are around you, you may feel like you are scared and alone. However, being positive, visualizing success, and counting on your mind and body to get you through all of it can really make a difference.

Methods of transportation will help you to get where you need to travel to if staying in your home isn’t an option. Maybe over a period of time you will have to venture from that habitat to another in hopes of surviving due to your supplies getting low. Thinking about types of shelters and protection along the way to get to where you would like to try to survive will also play a role in your overall plans.

Communication as we know it including mobile phones and computers could be cut off with an end of the world scenario. Therefore, alternative means of communication including walkie talkies and hand held radios need to be part of your supply list.

Both your mind and your body need to be in sync to survive. Being physically fit as well as mentally up to the challenges is vital. The body can only do so much, but you need the mind to give it permission to be pushed to the limits. Otherwise, your body may be frozen in place when it should be taking action.

The mind can go into survival mode when it has to, but you have to work harder to train it to make decisions. You can’t get caught up in what is right or wrong when it comes to survival. You may need to think about killing animals to live when you have never harmed a fly before. You may have to think about killing others in order to protect your family. The choices can be tough but they may be necessary to live.

Medical supplies are important to think about too. If you or someone in your family uses daily medicines, you need to always have a good supply on hand. Yet there could be a shortage for you to get them in the event of a catastrophe. Try to find out information about herbal and home remedies too in the event you can’t get your hands on such medicines in the future.

Making a checklist of items you need and doing inventory regularly is important. Most of us can relate to going to the store or packing for a trip. It isn’t until we are done that we realize we forgot this item or that item. While it is inconvenient, we can always go back to the store or we can buy the item we forgot to pack for our trip.

That won’t be the way it plays out though with a natural disaster or any other type of end of the world outcome. You have all the time you need now to get prepared for all of it. Yet should that event occur, you don’t get a chance to run out and get what you forgot. Those missing items could make the difference between survival or game over.

Should an end of the world scenario happen tomorrow, will you be ready? Most people around you aren’t going to be. Do you want to be one of them? If you don’t have everything in motion, now is the time to make it a top priority in your life.

Don’t wait until it is too late and then you will be wishing you prepared long ago. None of us has a crystal ball for the future – but you can have peace of mind if you plan for any possibility to occur.

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Edgar Gonzalez is the founder of Hunting Zombies. He's always had a passion for the outdoors and guns. When he's not clued to his computer, he can be found camping, off-roading or hunting. “Being ready isn't enough; you have to be prepared for any significant change.” – Edgar


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