Advanced Skills that can Help you Survive

person-camo-maskIn addition to the basic survival skills, there are some advanced skills that can help you to thrive in a difficult environment. If you are able to take part in games, training, and strategies that help you to develop strong skills in these areas, then you are going to significantly increase your chances of surviving.


If you enjoy hunting, you will find it is a key skill to surviving an end of the world scenario. You may have to hunt for food that is going to feed your family for the day. You may have to go out hunting every single day in order to make that happen. Depending on the skills you have and the types of weapons, your outcome could be very successful.

Knowing the time of day to be able to go hunting is very important. For many animals, it happens to be very early in the morning and then again before the sun goes down. However, with others such as rabbits, the night time is the best time for hunting them. Being able to identify the types of animals that are around will also aid you with hunting.

Being able to pick up on the sounds of animals, their types of tracks, the types of habitat they live in, and even the types of droppings they leave behind can all help you with hunting in the right areas for types of food sources that are going to help your family to survive.

Scouting and Surveying

Knowing your environment will be a crucial survival skill when you are one of the few remaining out there. You don’t want to be a victim, always worried about what or who is lurking around the corners. Instead, you want to take a proactive approach that allows you to have the upper hand. Going scouting allows you to see if there are others living around you.

Scouting also allows you to see if anything has been disrupted around you. Perhaps you can go the distance and put up some warning elements that you will notice if they have been disrupted in any way around your living area. Surveying around you using binoculars and other tools will also help you to stay safe.

Keep in mind that people and animals may be moving from their habitat of origin due to the end of the world scenario. They are going to do what they can in order to find food, shelter, and to increase their own chances of survival. Some of them will be friendly foe that you encounter but others could be dangerous and even willing to overtake what you have in place so you have to be on the defense until you can be confident you no longer have to worry.

Growing Food

Most of us struggle to think about what to buy at the grocery store to make for dinner day after day! We also enjoy the luxury of going out to eat now and then
so we can take a break from cooking.

When you are facing an end of the world situation, you aren’t going to have such options. In addition to hunting, you need to do what you can to grow your own food. You need to have skills that help you with determining what to plant, how to get the soil ready, watering, harvesting, and keeping predators out of your garden.

What you grow is vital to your well-being because you can’t guarantee that your supplies will last. You can’t guarantee that you will be successfully every time you go out to hunt either. By growing food too, then you have another resource to help you do your best to ensure your family does have the food they need every single day.

Martial Arts

The element of surprise may be there when someone or something attacks you. Learning martial arts in some form can give you some additional skills they won’t be ready for. They may see you as an unarmed man they can overpower but your skills will show them otherwise.

They may think you are a small woman and you can’t possibly protect yourself. Yet martial arts is more to do with pressure points, flexible movements, and the ability to protect yourself even in the most complex of holds that the other party may have on you.

By learning martial arts, you will be prepared more than the average individual when it comes to personal protection. These skills could mean the difference between life and death for you. It could mean the difference between someone taking all of your supplies or leaving you alone.

You can sign up for martial arts classes locally. There are classes offered for all age groups and all skill levels. As your skills improve, you may be interested in taking more advanced classes. Not only will such skills help you to prepare for anything in the future, but they are great for overall fitness and your increased sense of personal protection.

Good Cardio

Your heart should be as healthy as possible. You are going to have many challenges in order to survive something of this magnitude. Engage in activities that help to strengthen your heart. This includes running, jogging, and aerobics. This will help you to have a healthier body and to live a longer life.

Military Training

If you have been in any branch of the military, or if you currently are, you definitely have an upper hand when it comes to additional survival skills. Part of military training is being able to survive in the most unusual of circumstances. You will be able to keep your wits about you and to think both logically and creatively in order to survive.

Even if you haven’t been in the military, you may wish to join the reserves. This can be a wonderful way for you to serve your country and to make some additional money. You will get free training and you usually only participate one weekend per month. This training can help you to get ready for the improbable and the impossible.

Outdoor Survival

There are survivalists who have done their homework and they are up to the challenge of living in the wild for days, weeks, months, and even years at a stretch without any problems. Taking part in outdoor survival camps, challenges, and programs can help you to develop these additional skills that you may not have thought about before.

If you feel like your lifestyle depends too much on technology such as using a smartphone and a computer all the time, you need to think about how you would survive without them. Do you have a way to determine your basic directions by following the sun? It can serve as a compass so that you don’t walk around in circles or get lost when you leave your camp to go hunt for food.

Weapon Use

Stockpiling weapons to use in the event of an end of the world scenario is only part of the benefit. You need to know how to load a gun, to aim it, and to fire it. If the weapon has a scope, you need to know how to use it to get your target. You want to cherish your ammo so you need to get your target on the first shot as often as possible.

If you run out of ammo or your guns are confiscated, you need to have other weapons to rely on. Make sure you know how to use a bow and arrow so that the arrow will fly to the intended target and you don’t damage the bow. You need to know how to use a knife successfully so that you are able to protect yourself.

Learning about the vital body parts on humans and on animals is also important for you to get the most out of weapons. When it comes to ultimate survival, you aren’t going to be interested in merely injuring a person or an animal. When you aim a weapon their direction, you should be planning to kill them with it before they have the chance to kill you.

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